Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Author writes about the struggle to produce his book - Article 1.

    I became the victim of a ruthless property market promote after selling my home, with the intention of moving to a warmer climate. My story starts as a homeowner with no mortgage and ended up with large portions of that capital in the pockets of multi-millionaires. Now supporting their luxurious life-styles, the victim "The mark" moves closer and closer to homelessness, unable to get back onto the property market ladder again. The story follows the events that took places and provides insight in to many of the unseen pit falls others will encounter like myself. The projection is of criminal intent by a large corporate body, intent on relieving anyone of their wealth through false property investment purchases that come within their grasp. Under the control of the corporate mind-set, all the elements work in harmony to achieve this goal, each taking a slice from the cake. You are the "mark,” is that not how it is explained in the con artist dictionary of vocabulary.

    I think this blog, is more about the struggle to present, through a book, my experience than it is about the intended focus of that experience, the corruption of one particular corporate company and all its elements.
     Burning Down The bricks (BDTB) is my account collating the detail of five years under false property investment from MRI (MacAnthony Real-estate International). I have struggled to write and record those events through the constant unpleasant memories of that experience. It is written in the form that makes up an interesting story and not just a list of facts and events, the facts are interwoven throughout the story as the events unfolded and insights gained. Even though I have endeavoured to retain a logical flow intact, I have not succeeded as desired. The time thread moves backwards and forwards as the book proceeds through the years. With the addition of independent lawyers that flow becomes further disrupted, the story line disintegrates to a large extent to contain the actual factual events.  I am not a writer, and this is my first attempt to write a full-length book. This is very much a singular effort without professional input or others that have been put through the same experience other than proofing.

      January 2007 my life took me through what I am trying to reveal. Five years later, January 2013 after many attempts just to let go of the devastating effect that this had on my life, I find myself motived by a single moment of frustration and anger into writing BDTB. The memories are not pleasant as I constantly have to deal with the fact that I was stripped of my wealth through premeditated criminal activity. Flash backs have become frequent from the realisation of what has happened to me. What is more shocking is the lack of anything of a substance within the system of society to help correct the injustice. 
      Maybe I am trying to create an apology for a book which could be written better, not that it is not readable and has value as it is, with further consideration there is room for improvement. In fact, I am sure of that, if that is the case, then BDTB is an on-going project. Does that mean any potential reader should restrain the pocket and not buy? Absolutely not as the digital format allows for updates and rewrites which for any that would take the risk in the first instant will receive free. The book  also has room for more information to be added over time that is not relevant to my own situation but has been accumulated from other victims. Not quite volume two, as that means the book would have to be re-written in a complete sense, and I am not up to that.  See it as a software update, digital book update; “your new version is ready for download," proclaims the e-mail which has just arrived in your inbox “click on this link” whoopee!   That will either produce a response of WOW! Or, Oh no, not another! My task now is to refine without creating the need for too many stimuli of responses for the reader.
      OK, so after that pathetic unacceptable or passable excuse, depending upon the reader's frame of mind, the question to be asked, what is my problem? Why not wait until it has been fully refined, fine-tuned to the conventional quality readers expect, not that is that far away already. It just needs tweaking here and there or maybe a little more.

     The first human flaw that I am suffering from is impatience. Get it out there and see what happens. After three months of sweat and toil, headaches, depreciations, spasms of guilty, uncertainties and lack of confidence, it is like pressing the large red button with a very heavy thump of a flattened palm, with closed eyes my creation goes roaring out into the world. I cannot stand waiting any longer. A sigh of relief follows, with an underlining concern of wandering "what I have just done?"  A bit stressy, you bet,  got to let it go no matter what. People need to know my story not only because I feel better telling it, but because it may provide others with enough information to avoid that which I did not.

     However, that is only touching the outer limits to the problem. It is rooted deeper  and I believe much more serious. To try to shed some light on something difficult to explain then imagine my mind as a well-oiled set of cogs. Hundreds of them whirling together in harmony for most of the time, controlling my daily running of events without much mishap. Thought patterns finely tuned to all the day's events from washing, eating, working, playing, loving, stress, worry and anything else that presents itself to me. When it comes to dealing with organising BDTB, then those cogs begin to malfunction. From their bright shiny metallic sheen they turn into something of a rusty red colour. The momentum slows as the problem is struggled with until those meshing teeth begin to fail to connect. Cogs fall out of place and end up at right angles to each other slowing the momentum even further. As they strain to continue movement and get back into position, the screeching sound of bare metal on metal pierces down to the very soul, this causes one to cringe which emits the tension of struggle. Desperately trying to re-organise the chaos and restore the mechanism by force only results in a complete seizure. The brain collapses, the tap, tap of the keyboard falls silent, exhaustion results in a coffee stimulates that locks the whole mechanism for the rest of the day. Many days later the mechanism is still scrambled beyond repair. Minor movements of the whirling things kick in instantly locking back into stillness. So that is how it is with only small adjustments in the text, it is left. With no one to turn to for help it will have to be left as a work as it is.

   I believe some of the above problem is not just my struggle to create an account without a developed skill, but is rooted from the effect of the experience itself.  Many of our experience of life lay dormant deep within and can be stimulated to resurface. That produces physical or mental symptoms that are detectable and are very real. So this is what I have to overcome while writing BDTB.  

     When I did finally send it to a professional editor, the expected response was returned. The illuminated response also explained that I am the only one that can sort it out. As I wait for the revised text to be returned, I wonder whether it will be enough to get those cogs to swirl around as they should and reshape my creation to a satisfactory condition.
     That revised text has now been completed; my first response on receipt was too lightly skim through the whole book. The changes were significant and obvious. I replaced the old version as quickly as possible, happy at the result of my initiative to do what I should have done in the first place. It took some weeks later before I found I could go through the whole book line by line. Weeding out, hopefully, the last of the errors that stuck out like a sore thumb.  To my surprise, those cogs did start to swirl again, and after one whole week I had worked through BDTB from front cover, to back cover. I changed some of the old and inserted new material to get it to work better, and to some degree succeeded. Yet, I still believe BDTB needs to be rewritten in a different style. For now I do not know what that it is, maybe in another six months or longer it may come to me.   
    Version 3 is now available and has been fully proofed and edited.  There are three extra chapters, many new inserted paragraphs and restructured sentence galore. Just hope it is enough for you to enjoy and read.

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    If you are considering an international property investment, then this is a worthwhile read before you do. Your investment in this book may well prevent the victim from seeing the reality of becoming homeless. It may also save the reader a lot of cash before they leap. What remains of the authors wealth is slowly ebbing away and there is no light to give hope that it will ever be returned. The legal systems seem to be ineffective at putting right this injustice; this may well be the only mechanism available to readdress this cruel misdeed.

     A lasting reflection:

     “The disgrace of society is when corporate criminals go unpunished because its legal systems have become overly corrupt to deliver justice to the victims. The Directors of MacAnthony Real-estate International only enjoy their rich lifestyles because the system is failing through lawyers and judges lining their own pockets, or towing the orientation of a systems corrupt political and business sense.”

     There is an on-line flipbook preview of BDTB which contains the introduction and the first chapter. Flash player is required in your browser link to BDTB.

        There is one review on Amazon, here is the UK link .
        The PDF version can be obtained from this link to PDF version.